Spiritual accessories and yoga meditation

Why do yogi’s chant Aum?

Aum is often called the “sound of the universe”. The vibration that resonates in your body when you chant has physical and physiological benefits! It

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Mindfulness and Open Heart Meditation, Spiritual Awakening

Can Self-Compassion Reduce Chronic Pain Severity?

Going through challenging chronic pain affects both your physical and mental health. The importance and effects of practicing self-care, on both your physical and mental wellbeing, are widely supported and documented by neurology and psychology research. Practicing self-compassion can significantly improve both your physical and mental health.

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group of people doing yoga dog pose at studio

What are the benefits of heart-opening yoga poses?

Our physical posture also effects our thoughts, feelings, the image we have of ourselves, and the subsequent responses we receive from others. Our nervous system gets feedback from our muscles, bones, lungs and viscera. We have millions of receptors in our muscles, tendons and joints sending a steady stream of messages to our brain and nervous system about the way we carry and move our bodies.

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