Kids Yoga

More organizations are discovering that yoga for kids benefits classroom management—and learning.

Yoga in School

More schools are discovering that yoga for kids benefits classroom management—and learning.

Classroom management is often a challenge for teachers but what if student concentration could be augmented with several calming breaths and a chance to stretch desk- cramped young bodies? Research indicates yoga for kids is an effective strategy for proactively managing classroom behavior and efficiently boosting student learning and performance.

Yoga offers a potential means to address a wide range of challenges in the classroom. Learning specific benefits of yoga in school include:

  • fewer fights and arguments among students
  • better student decision-making
    increased self-awareness and self-esteem
  • improved concentration and retention
  • more efficient use of class time.

Lessons from Yoga

We teach a five-element program integrating yoga and mindfulness that helps children of all ages build resilience, improve emotional balance, and increase attention.

  1. Connect – to themselves, their environment, and their community.
  2. Breath – use breathing methods to better manage emotions and energy.
  3. Move – strengthen body awareness, sensation, and control.
  4. Focus – improve concentration and the capacity to pay attention.
  5. Relax – hone the ability to manage stimulation and wind down.

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